Team Member

Abigail Humphrey

Market Analyst
020 3696 2819

Abigail is a high honours psychology graduate from Swansea University.  She is an experienced market and research specialist, with specific skills in market analysis, target-profiling and project execution. Additionally, Abi has extensive experience in proposition development and approach.


Abi has developed a vast network of C-suite business leaders throughout Europe and the UK, also bringing with her a deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector where she has successfully designed and executed client projects for the Top 5 global pharma companies including GSK, Moderna and Astra Zeneca.  She also has successfully implemented projects for leading MedTech companies, including FLO Health, Sigma Aldrich, Merck, Stryker and Johnson and Johnson.  

Abi strengthens and extends Evolution Capital's research capability into new sectors, providing advice, market intelligence and development of opportunities for both ‘buy-side’ and ‘sell-side’ clients.