Planning for growth

Alongside our research analysts and chartered accountants, another key differentiator is our unique sector experience.

We provide professional advisory services beyond that of corporate brokers, delivering additional value to our clients throughout any engagement.

Using our knowledge of the industry, coupled with objective insight, we are able to identify avenues for growth, risk mitigation and provide additional strategic advice to complement your own planning.

If you are considering a longer-term exit, this route also ensures you are optimally positioned to achieve maximum value at the time you wish.

Fully integrating with your team

Having developed a full understanding of your objectives, we build a structured and transparent plan to meet your requirements. This involves initial consultation, periodic ongoing analysis, monitoring of progress, regular Board communications and collaborative working with your management.

Partnering with Evolution Capital allows our team to integrate with yours, becoming a powerful extension of your business. Dependent on the scope of advisory service you require, you are able to select to receive the benefits of our full team, streamlining your processes and accelerating your drive for growth and increased profitability.

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We retained Evolution to provide strategic advice in how to take our business forward and to become more profitable. With their help we reviewed a number of different options, and are now implementing a well thought through plan to drive profitable growth into the future. Their advice has been invaluable

iTalk Telecom

Russell Church, MD
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Thanks to help from Evolution Capital, who provided us with the strategic advice we needed, we were able to evaluate a number of options, and are now well placed to develop our business to maximise our profit potential

Axis Telecom

David Meyers, MD
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The first piece of work, the Strategic Review, was exactly what was required and enabled the board to get an accurate analysis of where we were and, more importantly, what we needed to do to get the best outcome. It was extremely detailed and clearly articulated the processes and degree of expertise needed for us to be successful. It formed the ideal foundation for us to progress

ACR IT Solutions

Tony Burrison, CEO