Team Member

Duljan Leka

Data Analyst | ACA

Duljan is a senior member of the Transaction Team at Evolution Capital, delivering specialist advice supported by high-quality reports, detailed deal analytics,and comprehensive business analyses to shareholders and business owners. He is an ACCA qualified Chartered Certified Accountant, his expertise is pivotal in creating insights that effectively satisfy both shareholders and stakeholders. Duljan is dedicated to meeting the needs of management teams and stakeholders, empowering clients to make informed, data-driven decisions. His background incorporate finance has been shaped by a strong commitment to mastering essential skills such as due diligence, analysis of business and management accounts, and the execution of growth-enhancing programs.

Duljan's specialist contribution is notably evident in data-driven analytics, uniquely delivered using Power tools and sophisticated financial modeling. His ability to deliver precise and insightful financial solutions is a testament to his expertise. Duljan's strategic foresight and financial acumen make him an invaluable asset to the Evolution Capital team, embodying the highest standardsof excellence in delivering maximum value to our clients.