November 13, 2023


3 min read

At Evolution Capital, Katie provides our clients with the quintessential analysis of business performance, guiding our clients through strategic and meticulous processes in order to mitigate risk and achieve maximium value.

Outside of the company, Katie is a National Sailing Champion with more than just a competitive energy, commonly shared with our clients; Katie's resilient nature ensures that whatever she puts her mind to, she achieves outstanding outcomes.

Last year, we had the pleasure of interviewing Katie as she prepared for the 2022 National Championship series, sweeping up a couple of titles in the process.

A year later, Katie and Simon returned to the championship to defend their title against Olympic level fleets in dreadful weather.

Following a disciplined regime of preparation, practice, performance review and analysis, Team Horsfield scooped up more than one title over the course of various championships.