Key Perspectives in the Changing Marketplace | Risks & Opportunities in the Telecoms Sectors

October 7, 2022


3 min read

At the start of September, we were delighted to be joined by half a dozen leading serial acquirers of UK-based, Tech and ICT businesses at the Reform Club where we discussed the greatest risks and opportunities our sector faces in the forthcoming months. We asked them what strategies they had in dealing with inflation, and whether they expected to see rising prices for the services of IT and Telecoms companies.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the day, for sharing your insight and for making the event truly memorable.

Thank you to our panel of experts for lending their knowledge, perspective and insight , Chris Russell, Executive Chairman of Arrow Business Communications, Peter Brotherton, CEO of Redcentric, Ian Mason, Director of Telecoms, Media and Technology at NatWest Group, David Pollock, Executive Chairman of Chess and Matthew Parker, CEO of Babble, and Ian Fishwick, Chairman of AdEPT Technology Group plc for joining Fraser Dixon and Nigel Cook at the Reform Club.