Key Perspectives in the Changing Marketplace | Buyer Insight into the performance of the ICT sector

October 20, 2022


3 min read

7 leading business acquirers came together at the Reform Club in London last month, for an industry-focused panel discussion hosted by Fraser Dixon, Head of Intelligence at Evolution Capital, to debate the current economy and market performance. In an environment where business consolidation is rife; our panel discuss the impact of the economy on the Telecommunications sector, through the lens of serial buyer.Episode 2 of Evolution Capital's Key Perspectives in the Changing Marketplace sees our expert panel of serial acquirers discuss the resilience and robustness of the ICT and Telecoms sector.A huge thanks to our panel and sector experts, without whom we would not have been able to create this series; Chris Russell, Executive Chairman of Arrow Business Communications, David Pollock, Executive Chairman of Chess , Matthew Parker, CEO of Babble, Peter Brotherton, CEO of Redcentric, Ian Fishwick, Chairman of AdEPT Technology Group plc, Ian Mason, Director of Telecommunications, Media and Technology at NatWest Group, and Nigel Cook, Founder and Managing Director of Evolution Capital