Passtech Overmach Group

Valuation and fundraising

The background

Passtech Machine Tools is part of OVERMACH Group, operating in the Middle East for over 35 years with 50 Employees in 3 different strategically located Offices and 1600 sold machines. Passtech supplies global market leading products and support them with complete after sales and support function, embracing servicing, applications work and turnkey supply… bringing value for money and high technology for the whole Middle East region. The management team selected Evolution Capital to provide a structured and detailed valuation of the business, alongside guidance through the fundraising rounds.

The challenge

The international nature of this engagement meant there was an early reliance on Teams to deliver meetings and presentations to The shareholder objectives were to gain a full valuation of the business prior to a fundraising round. Due to the location of the company, our team worked with the shareholders of Passtech using technological approaches to deliver advice and guidance which then led to the company successfully raising funds.

Advice, planning and preparation

Duncan Gregory, Senior Transaction Advisor at Evolution Capital worked with the management team at Passtech to provide a detailed understanding of the risks and opportunities available to the business.Furthermore, Duncan provided a detailed business valuation to the shareholders,to understand the value of the business and create a solid foundation for and to underpin the fundraising rounds which later led to business acquisitions by the Passtech team.

A successful outcome

The Evolution Capital team pride ourselves on delivering outstanding attention to detail in our work, from analysing management accounts to services and company structure. Additionally, our ongoing research and analysis in the IT, Telecoms and Technology sector enables our advisors to fully understand the market in which we operate, and provide advice tailored not just to the individual company, but also the market in which it sits. Evolution Capital were delighted to advise with Passtech to deliver their business valuation and fundraising, which later led to a transaction.