Maintel Europe

Business Sale

The background

Maintel Europe are an AIMS listed company, founded in 1991 the company provides a hosted platform as well as telecoms solutions. The company has over 10,000 sites and its key clients include C&W, Tesco, HMV, and Intercontinental Hotels amongst many more.

The challenge

Evolution Capital were selected by CEO and shareholder Eddie Buxton to gain an understanding of the opportunities available to the company in the current market, and to advise the shareholders of the business with any business opportunities pursuant to the shareholder objectives.

Advice, planning and preparation

Eddie Buxton, CEO of Maintel Europe, was eager to understand how the business could grow and enhance value prior to a potential sale in thefuture. With the advice and guidance of Nigel Cook, and the team at Evolution Capital, Maintel were able to embark on an acquisitive trail to lead to value growth.

A successful outcome

Evolution Capital were delighted to advise the shareholders of Maintel with the valuation of the company and the pursuit of acquisitive opportunities. Moreover, with decades of experience operating within the TMT ,IT and Technology space, our advisors have a broad knowledge of the sector,combined with an unparalleled network, which is all the more important for finding the synergies for the buyer.