The background

HSO are a leading provider of support for ERP & CRM business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. HSO leverages the full power of Microsoft technology to transform the way their customers work and improve business performance. HSO enable companies modernize business operations, adopt intelligent automation, deliver real-time performance insights and connect the enterprise – accelerating the impact of digital transformation.

The challenge

The transaction process can be a complex and long winded if you lack the right advisor. The importance of finding the ‘right buyer’, as opposed to any buyer is always a challenge, but knowing the sale of Caladan to HSO was in fact the right match, enabled a smoother, accelerated and successful transaction for both management teams.

Advice, planning and preparation

Through years of experience, Evolution Capital have developed a proven process for transactions. Albeit every transaction is bespoke,and the details of each deal differ, our team stands apart from the competition when it comes to entering into and completing a transaction because of more than just our pedigree. Evolution Capital are a team of chartered accountants, sector specialists and transaction experts, which provides the key combination for transactional success, from engagement through to completion.

A successful outcome

Evolution Capital were delighted to have achieved outstanding outcomes for our clients in the sale of Caladan to HSO. Our broad network and experience operating exclusively within the IT, TMT and Telecoms space enables our team to provide quintessential, concise and strategic advice to shareholders and management teams. This deal not only resulted in outstanding outcomes for Caladan in the successful sale of the business, but also a value enhancing acquisition for HSO.