Adept Technology Group

Telecoms and Technology
M&A Managed Buy and Build Programme


AdEPT Technology Group was founded in 2003 and provides managed services and telecoms solutions to over 12,000 commercial customers, both domestic and business, across the UK.

Since 2005, Evolution Capital have developed and provided strategic business advice which have delivered outstanding outcomes for the shareholders of AdEPT Technology Group. To date, we are proud to have advised AdEPT Technology Group through sixteen successful business acquisition transactions.

The Challenge

Through a series of bespoke, value-enhancing programmes,strategic business advice combined with our unique understanding of the sector,derived from decades of experience and the tireless work undertaken by our analysts, dealmakers and chartered accountants, Evolution Capital have worked closely and consistently with AdEPT Technology Group, to ensure optimal outcomes for the shareholders and management teams, whilst delivering verified prospects to the acquisition criteria, with focus on synergy with acquisitions through value growth initiatives  

Advice, Planning and Preparation

Meticulous planning is our forte, and through a bespoke methodology, combining a schedule of prospecting presentations developed by our deal originators, to ongoing understanding and analysis of the acquisition criteria and value-enhancement programmes, the Evolution Capital team advised the shareholders of Adept through an array of acquisitions of varying value,including the most recent acquisition of Datrix. The services our team provided included:

·       Weekly presentations to the shareholders and managements teams

·       Teasers and snapshots of businesses verified and qualified against the acquisition criteria

·       Ongoing analysis and market landscaping

·       A review of relevant financial and management information

·       A detailed risk analysis report

·       The preparation of all appropriate documentation

Ian Fishwick, CEO of AdEPT commented: “The Datrix acquisition is the fourteenth transaction that we have completed with the advice and guidance of Evolution Capital. The best recommendation that I can give anyone when considering whether to engage with a professional adviser is that we continue to use Evolution Capital regularly and keep paying for them to deliver their services.”

Maximising the value through business acquisition

Throughout the 15+year relationship with Evolution Capital, AdEPT have completed north of 16 transactions with the advice and guidance of Nigel Cook and the team at Evolution Capital. Our unique approach, which combines the collaborative nature of our team of chartered accountants, transaction experts, sector specialists and analysts, is what sets us apart and allows us to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.