Specialist M&A and business sale advisory

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  • Specialist M&A and business sales

    Specialist M&A and business sale advisory services dedicated to the mid-market IT and telecommunications sector with a genuine focus on maximising shareholder value.

  • A leading corporate finance firm

    Evolution Capital is a leading corporate finance firm, uniquely advising businesses in the IT managed service and telecommunications sectors and has an impressive track record of consistently delivering shareholder value and results to its mid-market clients.

  • Providing expert financial and strategic analysis

    We assist IT and telecoms sector buyers and sellers by providing expert financial and strategic analysis and transaction advice at the point from wherever our clients are at on their value-realisation journey, through the transaction planning and preparation phases, identifying optimal potential transaction counterparties and value-enhancing solutions, all the way to completion and often beyond.

  • Focused exclusively on our clients’ specific needs

    Our highly capable and experienced professional team is recognised as being unparalleled in the IT and telecoms advisory sector, providing premium transaction advice with an excellent track record. Our approach is thorough, focused exclusively on our clients’ specific needs and is indisputably proven in terms of success.



Premium buy-side advice to ambitious acquirers in the IT managed service and telecoms sectors.


Finding the optimal targets and completing acquisitions at the right price and on the best terms can be a challenge in today’s world. Our proven sector research capabilities, specialist mid-market knowledge and extensive relationships lead the market and, together with our focused strategy and transaction advice, can provide you with a genuine competitive advantage in growing value in your business.

Our comprehensive buy-side and merger services are all underpinned by our superior IT and telecommunications sector knowledge and include:

  • Full lead advisory services;
  • Strategic evaluations and advice;
  • Target identification and shortlisting built on extensive IT sector research and coverage;
  • Valuation and deal structuring advice;
  • Acquisition management;
  • Due diligence assistance;
  • Deal completion;
  • Taxation advice;
  • Introduction to legal advisors, if required; and
  • Post-completion support, including advice on integration planning and execution.

Additionally, we can assist M&A clients with business plans, financial projections, M&A models and fund-raising introductions and related advice and support, as well as provide preliminary due diligence, bid support and valuations. We know how to present propositions to successfully raise finance and have the right connections with the funding community to deliver the funds required.

Our success with helping IT and telecommunications clients grow their businesses throughout our history is exemplary and eminently supported by our proven transaction credentials and glowing client testimonials.




Optimum sell-side advice to mid-market businesses and SME owners in the IT managed service and telecoms sectors. Evolution Capital has unrivalled expertise in selling businesses in its chosen markets.

Entrepreneurs work hard to create valuable businesses and deciding to commit to a sale is one of the most critical decisions that business-owners can make. Shareholders looking to maximise the realisable value of such an investment will undoubtedly benefit from being provided with the very best advice from experienced professionals who know the sector intimately and can deliver tangible results via a well-established and proven process.

Evolution Capital is not a broker, it is a premium advisory firm, and all of our fully-integrated business sale services are wholly focused on value maximisation and selecting the right buyer for selling shareholders and helping them, and the business itself, onto the next stage of the journey. Our sector capability and relationships are unsurpassed, and we know most of the buyers in the marketplace well.

Our extensive hands-on sell-side services and processes have been developed and perfected throughout our history and include:

  • A complete business sale advisory solution;
  • Comprehensive strategic evaluations and advice, including how to identify and present intrinsic value and potential synergies;
  • Independent and objective business valuations;
  • Optimal planning for value-building and an exit within the required timescales;
  • Taxation advice, including structuring;
  • The production of a genuinely bespoke information memorandum and all the necessary supporting documentation required to present your business in the best possible light and attract the best offers;
  • Confidential and discreet business sale process management;
  • Identifying, approaching and managing potential acquirers, and negotiating offers for your business, ultimately helping you to select a preferred buyer;
  • Introduction to legal advisors, if required.
  • Actively and efficiently managing the business sale completion process through offer negotiation and enhancement, transaction structuring and due diligence through to an efficient completion and transfer of funds;
  • Post-transaction support, if required.

We are also able to undertake standalone strategic reviews, benchmarking, valuations and market commentary for owner-managers who only wish to explore the possibility of a sale in the first instance.

Our success is evident and our credentials and testimonials to our team and capabilities speak for themselves. As will become clear, our selling clients have been only too happy to endorse our services and invariably testify that we exceed expectations.


While our primary focus is on transactions, specifically M&A and business sales, we can also help mid-market IT and telecoms business-owners to make strategic decisions to grow and realise value through the provision of expert ancillary services.

  • Standalone strategic reviews, benchmarking, valuations and market commentary for owner-managers who only wish to explore the buy, merge and sell-side market possibilities in the first instance;
  • Comprehensive strategic evaluations, SWOT analysis and business planning advice, including how to identify and develop intrinsic value;
  • Regular financial reviews;
  • Performance monitoring solutions;
  • Independent and objective business valuations;
  • Business plans, financial projections, M&A models and fund-raising introductions and related advice and support;
  • Preliminary due diligence on potential transaction counterparties;
  • Bid support;
  • Market positioning and intelligence solutions.

We may also be able to provide other bespoke sector and transaction advice, as may be required. Please contact us with details of your requirements, and we would be delighted to discuss them with you.