Collaboration, Competition and Preparation; The keys to success

21 June 2022

“Learning isn’t a way of reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it.”
Anders Ericsson

Collaboration allows us to learn from one another, but most importantly, it is the driver which enables us to develop creative solutions for our clients. Collaboration, preparation, methodology and competitiveness lie at the core of what we do and as you would expect, our team members demonstrate these values in their personal lives.

This month at Evolution Capital, our team have undertaken an array of immensely challenging sports competitions, as both personal and fundraising initiatives. Firstly, M&A advisor Fraser Dixon competed in this year’s Dulux Race to the King, a 100km ultramarathon set in the tranquil South Downs. The race is not just an extraordinary opportunity to explore the Downs, but also a chance to raise funds for Chestnut Tree House, a Sussex-based charity which provides support to children, young people and their families who have life-limiting conditions.

Thank you to everyone who supported Fraser, be that by donating to the cause or by standing on the roadside with BCCA-charged water, your support went a long way, and to have raised £500 for Chestnut Tree House on top of tackling, what some may argue to be a truly gruelling challenge, is a huge accomplishment.

“I am delighted to have raised a fantastic amount for Chestnut Tree House. The combined weeks/miles of training in preparation were almost as gruelling as the event itself, but knowing my participation would benefit such a wonderful charity was reason enough to continue to push myself.”
Fraser Dixon, M&A Advisor

Katie, our newest member, and latest numerical talent to join the Transaction services team also took on the epic Three Peaks challenge in the western Highlands of Scotland this weekend. Tackling Ben Nevis first, and working her way down, Katie and her group conquered the three peaks in a mere weekend, proving that it is mind over matter.

“There’s nothing like a mountain to put everything into perspective and make you feel alive. Climbing the 3 biggest in Scotland, England and Wales respectively in under 24 hours certainly required preparation, resilience and, most of all, teamwork. It was so inspiring to be part of such a wonderful team who lifted each other up, a perfect reminder of the importance of teamwork in achieving goals we set together.”
Katie Horsfield, Transaction Executive

And finally, members of our team travelled to Silverstone on Sunday to spectate and support our sponsored driver Tony Jenner, in the Caterham Academy Championship series.

The nature of our work is complex and developing compelling propositions for clients requires meticulous detail. For those business owners who have not yet trodden the business transaction path before, it can often appear a daunting and challenging process. However, with over twenty years of experience in deal-making within the ICT space, we would argue that preparation is the ultimate key to success, having the right people by your side makes all the difference. For those business owners who have chosen Evolution Capital, that would be because our team are ready with a compass and a map, ready to navigate the path. Jonathon Weeks, Founder of Pescado, when asked about the journey of selling the business said;

“I’ve honestly learnt so much through this process… Evolution Capital really held our hand through [the business sale process]. They understood what it was we wanted initially and delivered on all fronts. They found a buyer that was a perfect match for us.”

It is then, by no surprise, that this month saw our team undertake many competitive challenges outside of work, which required considerable preparation, training and resilience to achieve the desired outcome.

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