TripTide Appointed Advisor 2013

TripTide is an innovative online service for the travel industry, bringing travellers and tourism suppliers together in a different way. It is a fusion of some of the most successful community, travel and social media practices which have been pioneered over the last 10 years. The technologies and processes that are being used for the company’s online hubs e.g. booking engines, social networks, recommendations and ecommerce are well established and have been successfully incorporated into TripTide where they have been deployed and tested for over the past year.

TripTide is first and foremost a travel community allowing visitors and members to access
and publish detailed information, delivering local knowledge to a global audience. Country by country the service will be supplied through partners who will be responsible for sourcing local content from journalists, hoteliers, trip organisers etc. TripTide will in turn deliver the content to the travel public. Through the community thus created local suppliers will gain access to a substantial market whilst travellers will gain easy access to relevant product.

The service has been delivered and launched in Australia and Southern Africa. Commercial rights for Canada and Spain are currently being concluded and it is anticipated that sites will be launched within 3 months of completion. The company is now looking to scale its operations into new regions and accelerate the take up of the service which will involve a second round of funding, which is now being sought to meet the operational requirement.

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