The Essential Valuation

For businesses committed to protecting or growing shareholder value routine valuation is essential to understanding ‘where you really are, not where you think you are.’

Once survival has been secured during the period following establishment, it is usual for businesses to concentrate on growth. In this phase companies will employ measurements such as order book value, bank balance, debtor/creditor and cash flow analysis to set and monitor progress. Companies with small numbers of private shareholders often then enter a period of ‘lifestyle’ reward. In the lifestyle phase company performance tends to be driven by the needs of the owners and managers of the business.

At some point, shareholders and owner managers (often forming combined leadership teams) of many businesses move into the ‘third phase’ and become focused on building shareholder value. For these teams, regular valuation becomes a key component to developing, implementing and monitoring progress of their strategic plans.
Incorporating valuation into your activities means that you are able to accurately understand exactly ‘where you really are, not where you think you are.’

To assist those committed to growing shareholder value we provide regular historical valuation. This is usually conducted annually with the objective of helping you and your management team understand exactly what you have achieved in the past twelve months and with assisting you in making informed decisions for the forthcoming period.

The Essential Valuation is largely developed from historical information and includes an analysis of your statutory accounts.

We arrive at accurate valuations by utilising a number of valuation techniques specifically adapted for the TMT sector in conjunction with our knowledge and deep understanding of current market place values in this sector. We can also benchmark your performance over the last two years and assess where you sit within your peer group.

 If you are interested in finding out what your business is worth, then please get in touch.