BNS Telecom Group Plc

BNS Appointed Advisor 2003-2010

BNS is a Newcastle based voice over IP telecoms carrier and reseller of fixed and mobile lines, minutes, data and hardware and other value-added services. The business is committed to its strategy and value proposition to the SME and corporate sector, with the new objective to expand operations through indirect channels and increase profits through productivity gains.

Appointed in 2003 to compliment organic growth with acquisitions, following which BNS acquired a number of strategic targets including Modus Telecom and XAL to compliment their core services of business connections in the UK. Modus provided entry into the international pre-paid phone card market with a number of large corporate customers such as American Express and XAL providing a prepaid telephony platform to carriers and resellers in Europe.

In the year ended July 2009, BNS recorded sales of £37m and underlying EBITDA of £3.2m.

From a deal agreed with Daisy Telecom the shareholders finally exited in 2010 at a price of 20 pence per BNS Share, valuing the fully diluted ordinary share capital at approximately £10.45m.

"We have been clients of Evolution Capital for over two years and they brought us two great deals within the first six months. We find their market intelligence to be of enormous benefit as is their expertise in helping us with the acquisition process." Garry Moat, CEO of BNS Telecom Group Plc

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