Exit & Disposal

The transfer of ownership and the succession of management are among the most difficult challenges that a privately held business will ever encounter.


With our in depth industry knowledge and understanding of the market place, we can benchmark your performance and assess where you sit within your peer group.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can accelerate a company’s growth probably more than any other means within its arsenal. The platform for this exercise is a well thought-out strategy.


Our closely integrated legal advice and assistance process provides a comprehensive service to business owners, including assistance with any acquirer’s questionnaire, sale and purchase agreement, and more.


In this Max Ex webinar we examine what business owners (and their management teams) need to know about how to value their business (or one they may be considering to acquire). Take 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPad etc) to update your knowledge of valuation strategies in the current economic environment and learn best practices for what you should start doing right now to position your company for a successful exit. Expert finance and legal advice is provided by Owen Bloodworth and Dan Johnson. Find out more...

Latest News

Think like a buyer and behave like a Samurai 27 August 2014

Every business owner wants to achieve maximum value, and there are many roads to hitting your number, but the one that will get you there the fastest is being focused on your buyer. Read more...

The 10 Percenters 27 August 2014

I constantly advise people who are completely sure that they will automatically be rewarded with a big pay off as a result of selling their company one day. In fact there is a lot that can go wrong. Read more...

An Offer You Cannot Refuse 27 August 2014

In this month’s article we discuss the pitfalls where the equitable re-distribution of ownership (and the accompanying benefits) can be problematic at best and un-achievable at worst. Read more...


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